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Hourglass - Our submission to the 48 hour OrcaJam game jam, with a bit of work and polish since then.

Players compete by shooting each other with one of three weapons. All weapons are one-hit-kill. The last player standing is the winner of a round. Whoever has the most wins after 5 rounds wins the game.

Pick up new weapons by walking over chests.

The theme of the jam was "Witching Hour". Every 15 seconds, the game will transition into the Witching Hour, where all movement is sped up and camera effects go all crazy.

Twin-stick Controls: (gamepad required)
  • A: Join a game
  • Start: Begin a game
  • Left Stick:Move
  • Right Stick:Aim
  • Left Bumper:Dodge
  • Right Bumper:Shoot
Tagsgamepad, Local multiplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsXbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Windows64.zip 55 MB
Windows32.zip 53 MB

Install instructions

Unzip all contents of the zip archive onto a folder on your computer. Run the executable.

Make sure you don't try to run th eexecutable while it's still zipped!

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