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A downloadable game for Windows

Dawn's Mask

Travel throughout a series of mazes, unsure of where to go. Only the light around you can uncover your path.

The Dual purpose mechanic in this game is the Light. The Light serves as the mechanic to uncover the map, however the player character cannot walk in to this light.


Unity 2017.1
Soundtrack: Chopin Nocturne Op72No1, Nocturne Op48No1, Prelude Op28No4 (public domain, sourced from Edits performed in Audacity (GPL)
Font: Credit:
Sound effects from and
2DDL Light effects:!/content/25933

Ben Cracknell - -
Kirk Cieszkiewicz - -

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Published 5 days ago
TagsAbstract, Minimalist, Stealth

Install instructions

Make sure you extract all files in the zip before playing!


Dawns (16 MB)

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